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I am the founder of this website. I have started it 3 years ago with one goal in mind – to inspire you to travel more! This site is filled with practical tips about visiting Africa destinations and has become a go-to resource for many travellers. If you are planning a trip to Africa, then hopefully our blog will be useful too!

Photo Safari

Photographic Safari Holidays.

Appreciate Africa's natural environment, wildlife, and subcultures like never before.

You can hone your photography skills on these photographic safari holidays, led by professional guides who will teach you the basics of wildlife and local area while capturing all the magic from your game drives. These safari holiday packages are guaranteed to give you stunning images whether you explore the grassy plains of South Africa or the swampy inland of Botswana.

Start planning your next adventure with the help of our Photo Safaris recommendations!

Africa tour operators offer a variety of different packages for single travellers, couples, families, and groups that range in price depending on location and duration. Set packages or customized packages, we talk about them all.
Private Kruger Park Photo Safaris, get your own vehicle and take those private photos while on a Private Safari.

Go on a safari and capture the true beauty of Africa.

Even if you've been to Africa before, a safari is something you should do. It is an amazing experience and might even be on your top 10 bucket list.

But first, what is a safari? A safari is an adventure. One purpose of the adventure is to take high-quality pictures.
Moremi Game Reserve Elephants
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