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Photo safari specialists in Southern Africa. Book your own private safari vehicle to take unique wildlife photos.
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Africa Photo Safaris

We are South Africa’s Photo Safari specialists.
Book a private safari vehicle and, together with a member of our professional photography team, you will be assured of capturing the best possible wildlife photographs.

African Photo Safaris

We have streamlined a private safari vehicle package, especially for the discerning photographer. This enables you to spend as much time as you need to capture that fleeting and unforgettable moment in time - be it a soaring Fish Eagle or a trumpeting elephant.

We, at African Photo Safaris, do everything possible to ensure your successful wildlife experience. Your private vehicle is manned by one of our team of professional photographers who will guide you to success every step of the way. If needed, he will help set up your camera to capture both the correct composition and exposure for each shot taken. Your photographs will be of such good quality that you will virtually be able to count the hairs on the elephant’s trunk!

Hiring a private safari vehicle gives you the freedom to travel freely and to spend as much time as you need at each wildlife sighting. Partnering with one of our highly professional photographers will make that wildlife experience so much more special.
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Rates and inclusions for a full day Photo Safari


PLUS one non-paying non-photographer guest
Two GIMPRO arm brackets fitted to the vehicle
Professional Guide
Exclusive Open-Air Safari Vehicle for up-close-and-personal game viewing
ZAR 5500
(For the day)


PLUS two non-paying non-photographer guests
Two GIMPRO arm brackets fitted to the vehicle
Professional Guide
Exclusive Open-Air Safari Vehicle for up-close-and-personal game viewing
ZAR 2900
(Per Photographer for the day)


PLUS three non-paying non-photographer guests
Two GIMPRO arm brackets fitted to the vehicle
Professional Guide
Exclusive Open-Air Safari Vehicle for up-close-and-personal game viewing
ZAR 2100
(Per Photographer for the day)
Smartphone Photography while on a South Africa Safari. Get some info on our photography Courses

Photography Courses

We offer Photography Courses conducted by our professional team members. Armed with their knowledge and taken to wildlife hotspots by our dedicated safari guides, you will enjoy the advantages of partnering with professionals.
Lessons in Wildlife photography can be included in a private vehicle hire. Learn from the team that do this everyday and get some photography tips from your private guide.

Photography Tips

Apart from their invaluable assistance, you will also learn some editing skills. These can add a new depth and dimension to your wildlife photography portfolio.

Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park is recognised as one of the premier global safari destinations. As home to the Big Five – lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo – KNP represents a photographer’s wildest dream. No less than 19 485km2, the KNP’s topography lends itself to a vast array of different vistas. There are koppies with rocky outcrops, dense forest with waterfalls and endless savanna-land on which hundreds of different species of animal roam.
Overnight in the Kruger Natioanl Park will give you the opertunity to be at one with nature. Listen to the animals and feel as if you can touch them

Overnighting in the Kruger National Park

Overnighting in the Kruger National Park is a bucket-list experience. You can sleep under the stars. Whether you choose to do so in luxurious splendour on a platform built high above prying eyes, or in a sleeping bag alongside a campfire whose crackling flames keep wildlife at bay, depends entirely on your individual needs and budget. While day-tripping may provide the photographic opportunities you seek, overnighting add to the overall and never-to-be-forgotten safari experience.
Packing for Your

Photo Safari

When packing for your photographic safari remember to select your clothing carefully. Temperatures fluctuate drastically in the Southern Hemisphere’s winter months – May to July – from cold at night and the early morning, to hot African sunny skies during the day. Remember, too, that these months are “high” season in the KNP because winter is the dry season. The bushveld thins out and spotting game becomes a lot easier. We recommend that you layer your clothing so that you can peel off items as the temperature warms up.
Give me a reason to Pack
Packing list for an Africa Photo SafariPrivate Kruger Park Photo Safaris, get your own vehicle and take those private photos while on a Private Safari.

Africa Photo Safari Packing List

• T-shirts, shirts and blouses. Long sleeves with collars are preferable as they offer protection from both the sun and mosquitoes
• A warm jacket
• Full-length trousers. Cotton is best as it is cooler against the skin than synthetic fabrics.
• Comfortable hiking boots and socks woollen socks
• Hat
• Bandanna, cotton scarf and sarong
• Swimsuit
• A smart casual outfit for dinner if staying at upmarket safari lodges
• Binoculars
• Anti-malaria tablets
• Sunblock
• Lip balm
Photographic safaris with our experienced guides will make for the best photo safari in Africa. From learning about wildlife movement to photographing wildlife while in a safari vehicle, we can help with it all.South Africa photos Leopards Mating

Photographic Safaris

Whether you are an aspiring or a seasoned photographer, an African photo safari will add inestimable value to your repertoire. Together with one of our team of professional photographers, you will be able to freeze-frame and capture that split-second wildlife moment. They will help you every step of the way, as well as assist you to select the correct exposure and composition for that perfect shot.

Photographing wildlife is challenging. The swift movement of the animals, their camouflage techniques and their uncanny ability to sense your presence, all pose their own set of difficulties. Patience and professional guidance are the two ingredients you need for a successful photo safari.


Africa Photo Safaris are cost-effective and rewarding.

Our guides combine their knowledge of wildlife and photography to ensure your successful African photo safari. Your day will begin at dawn and end at sunset – the two periods of the day during which wildlife is the most active. Our routes are carefully plotted each day to optimize your Africa photo safari experience.

Finally, talk to us before leaving for our shores. We can give valuable advice on packing and checklists. This will ensure that your trip is free of any unnecessary problems when it comes to various airport restrictions.
A South Africa Safari can give you the perfect opportunity to take a wallpaper perfect picture while on a Africa Photo Safari
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