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African Photo Safari's

Some of our packages include a private vehicle to yourself. This is invaluable as you will have the freedom to move around from sightings as you please and to spend any amount of time at any special sighting. Your photos are unique and you won't see the same shot posted on Instagram at a later stage.

When you talk to any African safari guide or photography specialist and ask what is the criteria for learning safari photography. All professionals will have the same answer. If you need to learn how to play tennis you will hire a coach, if you need to learn to play a musical instrument you should hire a teacher. The answer is simple, hire yourself an experienced African Safari Photographer and make sure they love what they do. Genuinely passing on knowledge from experience is rare. Our photo safari guides really love what they do.

Setting up your camera, focus calibration on your camera and practical shooting of your camera while on a safari vehicle can be both exciting and rewarding when done well. All the correct settings and ISO exposure compensation and composition are part of our team's experience.
Book a Photo Safari today. This image was designed by Photo Safari Africa
Private wildlife photography from your own private safari vehicle together with your very own photography and safari guide make for the best photo safari experience in Africa. This photo was taken in the Kruger National Park, South Africa.Private Kruger Park Photo Safaris, get your own vehicle and take those private photos while on a Private Safari.
Private Safari Vehicles

Photography Lesson's

You don't have to go to fantastic destinations to be a great photographer. However, Southern Africa is a fantastic destination and you cant go wrong. It is easy to be a South African Photographer.

Ask us about our Photography courses! They are more like the passing on our first hand knowledge of Wildlife Photography. Our skilled private photography and safari guides love empowering blossoming safari photographers. 

Editing fun!

It is always fun to get your brother in law narate your wildlife sequence. Get him to try and have a fake accent perhaps in a tone lower than he usually talks in. It could go something like this...
It is a warm afternoon here under the African sun, close to the wildlife's favourite water hole. This is a vast, open plain that is home to Africa's longest generations of wildlife. A lappet faced vulture watches closely as a Hyena cools herself with a drink of water from the still waters. The Hyena would normally be napping and only consider getting up as night falls. Today she seems to know something that we still eagerly anticipate. I am on my own African Safari vehicle and feel like something unique is about to happen. My heart beats faster knowing that I will be the only one able to capture this event. I also know that I can stay as long as I want. This is a photographers dream. A Lioness has been spotted and she is carefully crawling slowly in the bush. I heard of Zebra are close, my professional and experienced guide tells me. I cant see them but he tells me that he can smell them! Despite the Zebra's poor eyesight, their sense of smell is very sharp.
The Zebra smell danger that is near and quickly signal to the others to move away from this location. Today the Hyena and Lioness don't get a snack. Tomorrow is another day and it is the same for me.
Tonight I return to my tent, clean my equipment and rejuvenate for the next session of photography under African skies. I love South Africa safaris.

Kruger National Park

The amazing and majestic Kruger National Park, part of any photographic safari itinerary. It is one of Africa's largest game reserves with a total area of 19, 485 km2. The Kruger Park is located in the Limpopo province of South Africa and was established on the 31st of May 1926.

The Kruger National Park is home to the Big 5: lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and buffalo's. The density of the wild animals including mammals and bird life make a trip to the Kruger National Park a bucket list worthy opportunity.
The landscape varies from mountains, plains, forests and grasslands. 

Often your accommodation is something very different to what you expected and it often seems like you might have dreamt of your lodge or rest place before you arrive. You definitely have to do this for the once in a lifetime experience. Think of it as valuable time spent on your photography development.

Packing for an Adventure

Speaking of experience, think about your equipment once you have established your allowable luggage capacity, flights and time getting to your ideal opportunity for that great shot. You will see airports operate differently, you will learn that some countries allow 15-year-old teens to get a pilots licence but that they can only get a drivers licence to drive to the same airport when they are 18 years old. What a way to start your safari tour

Private Photographic Safaris

We are in the business of private photographic workshops and private photographic safaris into the Kruger National Park. Why not stay at one of the AIRBNB spots in Hazyview and we will pick you up early in the morning. Book your own private safari vehicle with experienced guides and photographers. Your day will be unique and spectacular

Photographic Safari's

Some types of safaris enable individuals to take remarkable photographs. These people might be novices trying to improve their skills. Others are specialists that want to have the ability to accumulate outstanding images to contribute to their profile. These types of safaris occur throughout Southern Africa. The Safari's are operated in wildlife rich environments. A few of the images capture culture too.

It can be difficult to take high quality images of wildlife though. Wildlife has a tendency to move swiftly if they feel endangered. Yet if you are very patient and permit the animals to appreciate their natural surroundings you can end up with some amazing images. You can catch various kinds of wildlife with all their power and beauty. Wildlife photography is leaning towards more caring tendencies. You can reveal their tender side towards their children in addition to their devotion to supplying food as well as shelter for them.

If you come from any kind of sort of club that takes part in digital photography, you can suggest that the group takes part in an Africa Safari. Most of them are lead by professionals in the area of digital photography. As a Photo Novice you can discover a good deal and pointers from an experienced photographer in the field to help you take the greatest photos. Book as many days as you think you will need and extend your days on the spot if need be.

If you aren't sure what you will certainly see on different types of photographic safaris, you can ask us. Many photo novice's have uploaded their pictures from our expeditions to Instagram. This is a great method to figure out what you can be checking out also. Many individuals also post details their overall experience so you can use this info to help you choose a good wildlife photography safari.

This is a fantastic way to expose yourself to some brand-new elements. It can additionally be a means for you to meet new pals as well as to sharpen your photography skills. Africa Photo Safaris are extremely cost effective so this can be something you can match to your spending plan. It can be one of the most rewarding travel experiences you ever take.

African photo safari

Indeed, you enjoy wildlife photography! Each new safari adventure includes some kind of investment, consider these following things.

Combination guides are elite guides that understand photography and African wildlife. They will help you get into position for the perfect shot and then add to your photography skills while on a photo safari. The vehicle angle vs the photography angel is vital to a great photo. Our guides are active before sunrise and well after sunset. Dawn and dusk are primarily the best times for safari photography. This coincidentally is the same time that many animals move around, hunt and eat. Space on the safari vehicle is also of importance. We make sure we have enough space for all your equipment.

Photo Safari Africa ensure all of this is taken care of. This allows you a stress free photo safari where your creativity can flow. Our routes are specifically chosen daily to optimize your photographic safari! Times and all logistics are considered with you, the photographer in mind. We can also give advise from an experienced point of view on editing, storage facilities, battery charging and many more little things that you might not have considered before.

Talking to us in advance about camera protection, packing and checklists could make your trip hassle free. Short flights in Africa can have a few packing restrictions.
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