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Africa is a continent of great diversity, and this tour will take you to some of the most beautiful places on earth. You’ll explore six countries including Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, South Africa and Lesotho. You’ll experience sights like vast savannas, great mountains and valleys as well as azure beaches and falls. This trip will be one for the books!

This tour wants to show you all there is to offer in Africa so that when it comes time for your next vacation or adventure trip abroad you know where to go first! Join us for some highlights about this amazing journey through southern Africa!

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African Motorcycle Safari

Africa's diversity is on full display during a motorcycle safari. From the vast savannas, great mountains and valleys, azure beaches and falls, to an insane viewpoint of the earth so overwhelming you will never look at it the same way again. Witness this continent with its spices of cuisine which defines Africa through their wilderness and culture that are on full display from twisted and hairpin roads. This trip is for those seeking adventure in one of the most amazing places on earth.

Key Details

  • Motorcycle Rental (BMW R1200GS ADV, BMW R1200GS, BMW F800GS, and BMW F700GS)
  • Roads consisting mostly of a tarry surface with the occasional hard packed gravel that would make up 8%
  • Distance covered is about 8,500km or 5,282 miles
  • Daily the tour will do from 200km to 670km or 125 miles to 412 miles
  • Meals included - 35 breakfasts - 28 lunches - 34 dinners
  • INTERMEDIATE skill level or higher
  • 25 activity days
Motorbike Safari Map

Noteworthy Highlights

Start your adventure in Zanzibar and finish at the breathtaking Cape Town! This tour will take you on thrilling game drives, an exhilarating helicopter flight, travel across six African countries, as well as many more exciting activities.

  • Hairpin roads and ride twists
  • Boat cruise
  • 35 nights of three to four star accommodation included
  • Deluxe BMW motorcycle models

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Zanzibar is the perfect destination for those looking to relax and enjoy themselves. You can spend your day on a sun lounger with beautiful ocean views or go snorkeling off some of the best reefs around. Spend an evening meeting up with other bike travelers to celebrate their arrival! Take a stroll through the narrow streets of Stone Town that wind like snakes throughout this town on Zanzibar’s coast. Alongside learning about its history at various points of interest such as spice markets, mosques, or museums.

The next day you will be at the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro in no time with this tour, where you can see waterfalls and hot pools before exploring some of its other attractions-such as traditional dishes and traditional dancing and drumming!

Next visit Karatu. Karatu is a picturesque village on the edge of Ngorogoro Crater, where you can enjoy an amazing looking lodge before embarking upon your safari.

The Serengeti is a wild wonderland of beasts and wonders. What better way to explore the diversity of Africa than on safari? Spend three days exploring this world-renowned destination for its high lion population, stunning landscapes, and one-of-a kind wildlife in their natural habitats. This 70 large mammals will be your guides as you travel through riverside forests swamps kopjes containing many species not found anywhere else!

After your safari you ride south to Tanzania’s busy capital city, Dodoma. The hotel is situated in the midst of this hustle and bustle; a welcome oasis with pool bar and restaurant.

Depart Dodoma. You'll get to experience the beauty of rural Africa on a day-long ride. In early afternoon you will arrive at "Old Farm House," an iconic stop for overland travelers, and spend your night with some locals in their home cooking authentic meals.

You're going further south to the edge of the Great East African Rift Valley where you'll stay overnight in one working coffee farm. You should have plenty enough time before sundown if want grab yourself an informative tour or just enjoy sipping freshly brewed Untengule coffee while basking under Africa’s starry night sky.


You will explore the Southern Highlands of Tanzania and enter Malawi where you can see Lake Malawi, nicknamed as “The Lake of Stars.” The third largest in Africa with its 8th rank on a global scale is sure to steal your breath away!

The tropical waters of Lake Malawi are reportedly the habitat for more species of fish than any other body of freshwater on Earth, making it a top diver location. You will spend your first night in Malawi right on the lake shore with views that stretch to azure water scattered by fishing boats and dotted with picturesque islands.

Malawi Cichlid

You'll be treated to a lively, heartwarming experience as you coast along the lake on your way south. Bicycles are all around and so is life in Malawi - from people selling produce at markets to children walking through quiet neighborhoods with ease fueled by their pride for being lifelong learners.

Take a moment to enjoy the lake before you head further south. Rent-a-paddle ski, play beach volleyball on one of our three beaches, or take part in an eco kayak tour around Temba Tumba's shoreline and learn more about its history while enjoying the scenery from up close!

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A safari in Zambia is unlike any other you'll find. You will explore the world-famous South Luangwa National Park, one of Africa's most popular destinations for wildlife viewing and guided tours. There are not many camps in this iconic park that offer accommodations right on top of the riverbank!

The area is known as the birthplace of walking safaris and it's one of few parks in Africa that allows night safaris. In order to get a true feel for this magical park, participate in an evening Safari which will take you through some areas where only humans with flashlights are able to go at night time because they're so dark!

Start your day with a game safari or walk, before riding the short distance to Chipata. Zambian people are very friendly and welcoming; you'll see that for yourself when they greet you as soon as we get there on our bikes! As night falls, celebrate another great day's ride over dinner at one of Chipata's restaurants.

Next ride from Chipata to Lusaka. There are many beautiful, natural wonders to see in Zambia. After departing Chipata early and riding through the country for a few hours on motorbike you will arrive at your lodge just before Lusaka where they have basic accommodations but cold beer! It's also an opportunity to sleep as locals once did in their traditional African style chalets with thatched roofs.

Imagine how you would feel after a long day of riding. You get to the hotel and find your room overlooking one of nature’s most stunning sights, Victoria Falls - also known as "The Smoke That Thunders." The sun is setting leaving behind an array colors in its wake while mists from falls create this otherworldly atmosphere around it. And then with all that beauty on display before you, you might have time for just one walk along the pathways surrounding them.

Next - You have the whole day free to enjoy all the activities that Victoria Falls has on offer. Included in your tour is a helicopter flight over the falls, which you’ll probably want to take advantage of considering it's known as "The Flight of Angels."

The Hotel is an exclusive resort with original African décor. Staying here will get you access to a myriad of activities and tours, from canoeing down the Zambezi River or taking in the view at one of their riverside restaurants!


You'll leave Zambia and travel into Botswana, then to Chobe National Park. There you will stay at a luxury lodge overlooking the river where many animals reside. You can partake in an afternoon boat safari!

Chobe National Park Boat safari

Chobe National Park is the world's only place where you can see a Big Five safari by boat. On your river excursion, it will literally be like you're floating through an elephant sanctuary: elephants playing in reeds and mud pools are everywhere! You might even get lucky enough to spot a few swimming across the water. Hippos and crocodiles alike also inhabit these riversides- keep those cameras handy for some epic wildlife shots!

Next is Nata. Botswana is an African country that has over 40 national parks and game reserves. The wildest place in Botswana is the Makgadigadi Salt Pans, which are a vast desert expanse with no fences separating you from wildlife! You will see herds of elephants roaming around while you safari out on to the salt pans for some amazing sunsets.

You will make your way down to the Botswana-South Africa border, where you'll sleep at the Limpopo river. You might see crocodiles and hippos in this area! On top of all that, there's also an African dinner waiting for you at night time too. If by any chance some local kids are near then they would probably perform their native dance which is always great to watch with family members who can't seem to get enough of these performances every year when we visit! Fall asleep while listening to awesome sounds like lions roaring from afar off into the distance - it sure does sound amazing doesn't it?

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South Africa

Make your way to the little misty town of Magoebaskloof, where you can spot monkeys and birds while taking a walk through this beautiful mountain range.

Next Mpumalanga - What's not to love about Mpumalanga? There are so many amazing viewpoints, rock formations and waterfalls along the way. Motorcycle Paradise indeed! You'll make your journey by making stops at Bourke’s Luck Potholes, The Three Rondavels and God’s Window on this route that is guaranteed to be a blast.

The from Magoebaskloof to Hazyview is a stretch of signs advertising attractions. You may feel tempted to stop and explore just one, but don't! If you do, there will be plenty more waiting for when you're finished with that first attraction. The ride takes about three hours (non stop) so make sure your bike has the right amount of fuel before starting on this journey through South Africa's beautiful landscape. It might take some time in order to finish taking it all in - have patience while doing so as well because we know how hard it can be sometimes not knowing what else lies ahead. Such a great riding day.

Rest day at Hazyview - say goodbye to the bikes for a day. Say hello to the Kruger National Park. The world-famous wildlife reserve was home to the Big Five, who are still roaming free. At Kruger National Park, you can take a game viewing safari vehicle and see these animals in their natural habitat for yourself!

On the Hazyview rest day, head out in the afternoon to get some coffee before taking off on our bike ride over Long Tom Pass. Along this famous pass, you will be able to enjoy what many consider Mpumalanga's best coffee and pastries!

We can't end your tour of Mpumalanga without a trip up the infamous "Long Tom" Pass. This twisty road is one of many that make riding here so great for motorcyclists; it provides stunning views as well as opportunities for getting lost somewhere amazing while you cruise around at high speeds with nothing but air surrounding you!

The next day is a long days ride to Clarens. It is incredible to think that such a captivating place exists in the African wilderness. You are so close now, can you feel your adrenaline pulsing through your body? The road will take you past expansive fields and rolling hills until it comes down into Clarens - a small arty town on the outskirts of Golden Gate National Park surrounded by beautiful sandstone cliffs.

Clarens is an artists paradise. Poets, painters, and sculptors from all corners come to Clarens to witness its famous golden sunsets before spending the evening wandering around the craft shops and dining in one of many restaurants that line Main Street.

Drakensburg Motorbike Safari

Clarens to Sani pass - The ride will be unforgettable. You'll follow the coast through a different national park, and at every turn you take watch for antelopes and Vervet monkeys crossing your path! You will be in the wild there! You'll spend a day riding through majestic Drakensberg Mountains and arrive at Sani Pass hotel early afternoon. If you're lucky, your dirt ride up to highest point of mountains may also happen.


Sani pass rest day with a trip into Lesotho. "I was nervous when I signed up for the Sani Pass tour, but it seemed like all of my fears went away as soon as we started our journey. It's difficult to pinpoint why exactly I felt at ease so quickly" If you are not able to ride with your wife or loved one the trip has a four-by-four escort in case you need help. Lunch in Lesotho and back to the Sani Pass Hotel.

Back in South Africa

East London - After some time in the rolling hills of the Drakensburg, you will make your way to Eastern Cape where we can stay at one of the most beautiful surfing beaches. After a great meal you will enjoy falling asleep listening to waves crash nearby.

After visiting Bathurst, you'll head the Eastern Cape's rolling hills and stop by a giant pineapple before reaching Addo Elephant National Park. Here, Africa’s Big Five await your arrival in their home: elephants! After viewing these creatures during an afternoon game drive on open safari vehicles through this park rife with herds of pachyderms.

Tsitsikamma - The coastal route to the start of the famous Garden Route is a must for any Motorcycle rider. You ride into Tsitsikamma National Park and sleep in wooden cabins overlooking Storms River Mouth, where you can explore this beautiful park that's filled with hiking trails all afternoon! The trail also includes breath-taking suspension bridges over stunning cliffs which are perfect for photos.

Garden Route and Oudtshoorn - You’re in for a wild ride today, as you take the world-famous Garden Route. You first stop is Bloukrans Gorge, home to the highest bungee jump on earth at 216 meters! Next up we head into Knysna and marvel at its beautiful Knysna Heads before taking your choice of dirt or tar routes that will lead us through Oudtshoorn.

Oudtshoorn - A tour of the Cango caves will show visitors spheres and stalactites, while a visit to an Ostrich farm is sure to bring plenty of hugs. Top off your dirt biking experience with a thrilling ride up the Swartberg Pass! Adventure bikers have been scrambling to add this bucket list destination for years. This is an optional but incredible addition that will really give you bragging rights among friends and family back home.

Next is Route 62 - winds through the Swartberg Mountains and beautiful foothills in their valleys. You make your way down to Cape Agulhas, the southernmost tip of Africa at 34° S and 20° E where two oceans meet creating a turbulent mixture of untamed beauty.

Cape Town - Today's ride was a dream come true. The route hugged the coastline all day, rolling up and over mountains with ocean on one side and lush greenery on the other stretching as far as I could see.

Table Mountain Cape Town

The African penguins, Simons town Navy Dog grave and Cape Point Peninsula (where the warm waters of False Bay meet the cold Atlantic Ocean) are among sights you can see on a visit to Betty’s Bay. You make your way into Cape Town in late afternoon viewing Table Mountain towering over city as well.

End of the tour

You'll never forget your time in the beautiful country of South Africa. You will be taking memories and loads of awesome photographs home with you from this incredible tour, but often there are a few tears on the last day! Cape Town is a city that has so much history behind it thanks to Table Mountain Cable Cars which allow for an uninterrupted view at over 886 meters above sea level. Spend some extra days here after your tour exploring Robben Island or other attractions such as Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens or well-known wine routes like Stellenbosch where visitors can try their hand at grape harvesting through self guided tours on weekends during winter months.

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