Photography tips

While on Safari in Kenya, Namibia or South Africa here is an awesome tip about photography. One thing to know is how to position yourself. Your South Africa Photos will be worth bragging about. Why not hire a South Africa Photographer to give you some hints and tips.

Entrepreneur photographers and new photographers think that as high up or on top of the safari vehicle is the best place to take safari photos from, however, the problem with the high position is that unless you are taking photos of Giraffe, it is not at eye level.

The photos turn out better if taken from the safari vehicles centre position than that from a high level. Even further, the best thing to do is to reach down over the edge of the safari vehicle. Make sure when choosing your vehicle that it has an option for you to get as low as you comfortably can. That means that it has low sides.

If you have live view, you can look at your LCD screen while your camera is lower than yourself. Further, you can use the back button to focus and take the photos from a much better eye view angle.

Now you have to be careful! This is now putting yourself, the photographer in a dangerous position. Firstly make sure you, yourself are comfortable and able to breathe. Secondly, if there are any predators around like Leopard or Lions around, you really have to be aware of their positions all around the vehicle. Ask your professional safari guide if he feels comfortable with you at the eye level capturing position. Your guide needs to be comfortable with what you are doing.

Low eye level or even looking up at the animal you are trying to capture, is the best the position for a chance at a better photo. This is a great opportunity for great photos. Give yourself the opportunity.
Enjoy your Africa tour with Photo Safari Africa!

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