Photography tips

While on Safari in Kenya, Namibia or South Africa here is an awesome tip about photography. One thing to know is how to position yourself. Your South Africa Photos will be worth bragging about. Why not hire a South Africa Photographer to give you some hints and tips. Entrepreneur photographers and new photographers think that […]

Wildlife Wallpaper

Recently we were looking at some really awesome free wildlife wallpaper options. There is a huge variety and this comes as a surprise. The reason behind our surprise is based on our constant talks with photographers. The majority of the photographers that we liaise with would rather label and copyright their photos. Wildlife is precious […]


Monochrome is a single colour that describes photographs. A Monochrome image uses a reflection of shades and hues of the same colour. Monochrome is also referred to as having a neutral background that highlights the single colour. The advantage of switching from grey-scale to Monochrome on your camera is that the camera's LCD screen displays […]

Safari Lodge

When arriving at your safari lodge there is normally a very smiley and upbeat person welcoming you. They make you feel wonderful. Then there is the welcome drink and a check-in process. Have your identification handy with all reservation details at hand too. The trip to your room can often include a small safari lodge […]

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