Photo Safari 
Equipment Rental

We save you a ton of cash and stress with our photographic equipment rental service.
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Lens Rental

If you are travelling to Southern Africa for a photo safari, save yourself the hassle of:
• Weight of luggage restrictions
• Cash penalties for excess luggage

There are three basic lens sizes needed for a photo safari.
1. 200mm for general shots of wildlife that graze close to the safari jeep. This could include various buck, as well as giraffe, zebra and warthog.
2. 400mm for big game such as the Big Five’s elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion and leopard
3. 600mm for freeze-framing birds in flight
Our Kruger National Park Photographic safaris can be private if you hire the entire safari vehicle. Out Guides can also give you some advise on how to do basic Photographic tips.
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Smartphone Photography while on a South Africa Safari. Get some info on our photography Courses

Smartphone on Safari

Often, our smartphone is the only camera we have available when an unexpected photographic opportunity presents itself. This can also happen on a photo safari. Modern smartphones have surprisingly good built-in cameras, so never overlook taking yours with you on safari. It also gives you access to immediate bragging rights. Take a safari selfie and share it with your friends on Facebook and Instagram. There are also several photo production apps that you can download to give your safari pictures a superior and professional touch.
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