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Equipment Rental

If you want to rent the photography equipment or try it out before investing, we have you covered.
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Lens Rent

We want to get up close! We can help with rental lenses.

Photo Safari's in Africa means that we want to be in an environment that is natural to the wildlife we want to photograph. Our guides know the behavior, probable hang out spots and when we get there the position of the sun and how up close you can really get without disturbing the wildlife. This will all effect your rental lens you will use on your shoot.

Generally on a Safari we dont know what we will see and how the animals will be behaving when we see them. We recommend lens rental from 200mm to 400mm for big wildlife like lions up to elephants and up to 600mm for detailed bird life.
Our Kruger National Park Photographic safaris can be private if you hire the entire safari vehicle. Out Guides can also give you some advise on how to do basic Photographic tips.
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Lessons in Wildlife photography can be included in a private vehicle hire. Learn from the team that do this everyday.


Ask us about lens rent.
When there is some action with animals such as Cheetahs or birds, fast shutter speed is paramount. Fast aperture allows great available light for a sharp photo. Ask us about telephoto lens rental.
We will make sure you get the right use of available light and enable you to photograph the fast action.

Smartphone on Safari

Most of the time when an instant photographic opportunity presents itself the only camera we have available is our smartphone. This can happen while on a South Africa Safari! Grab your smartphone for a quick holiday photo. Smartphones can have a decent camera built in and often holiday makers are surprised by the quality of the photos.

Sharing your photos is easier with smartphone. Most destinations have wifi and so sharing your photos are now easier than ever before. Your safari holiday photos can be added to Facebook, Instagram and your family and friends can immediately be jealous. Why not take a selfie and share it the same day!

Post production with the use of the many apps available with a smartphone is very convenient. This is really fun too! There have also been some awards in the past dedicated to smartphones. The ease of smartphone photography makes it popular while on a South Africa Safari.
Smartphone Photography while on a South Africa SafariQuick smartphone photography to capture those moments that you cant prepare for. This photo was taken in the Kruger National Park
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