Looking for a safe place to visit in Africa?

Many ask the question - What are the safest places to visit in Africa? Here we help you find the perfect destination. We’ve compiled a list of 10 of the safest places, including Namibia, Botswana, Mauritius and more!

Whether you're looking for an adventure or just want some peace and quiet on your vacation, we've got something for everyone. Check out our list today!

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The Safest Country in Africa Is Rwanda

For those of you who are looking for a safe place to visit, look no further than Rwanda. The country is arguably the safest in all of Africa and it's apparent upon arrival in Kigali, the relaxed and sophisticated capital. Though there's plenty of security around, this doesn't add tension; rather, the opposite. In fact, Rwandans take pride in their safety measures so much that they've even been known to patrol tourist destinations themselves! This might not be as common elsewhere on the continent but it speaks volumes about how committed Rwandans are to ensuring visitors have an enjoyable time while staying away from harm.

Rwanda is one of the safest countries in Africa and, according to 2017 statistics, Rwanda was listed as ninth on a list of "The World's Safest Countries." Their response following their genocide years ago has been to pull together rather than divide; this can be seen today with Rwanda being at an especially low crime rate for tourists and locals alike.

The climate in this East African nation varies by season so pack your bags accordingly. June through September is considered the "dry" season as opposed to December-May which falls under their rainy period; however, visitors have visited during any time of year and still found themselves mesmerized by what they saw.

Botswana, the safest place to visit in Africa

Okavango Delta White water lily on the water - Botswana a safe africa destination

In recent years, Botswana has become a popular tourist destination due to its natural beauty and low levels of crime. As a result of this popularity, tourism is on the rise. The country's National Parks are well-managed and highly experienced guides keep guests safe in potential wildlife encounters. Maun – the gateway to the Okavango Delta – experiences low levels of crime as well. Safaris are well-managed and high quality food is served at most lodges with some even receiving Michelin stars for their cuisine or wine list! However tourists should be careful when traveling outside of cities such as Maun; there have been reports that while crime rates remain low

There has been little corruption for decades.

Quintessential nature viewing experiences are found in the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park during their dry season, but you'll need to come at an earlier time of year if zebra migration is your goal.

Mauritius: The safest place to visit in Africa

Mauritius Beach Safe for Africa travel

Your family is looking for a safe, affordable vacation spot this year? Look no further than the beautiful island nation of Mauritius. With its diverse population and scenic beaches, it’s one of the few places on earth where you can be assured your family will feel secure while visiting. It’s possible to avoid crime altogether by staying at gated resorts or taking a guided tour around the coastlines with a private boat driver/guide who knows every inch of each coast line. If you do encounter any trouble, there are always police officers nearby willing to provide assistance.

Port Louis has one of the world’s lowest levels of violent crime. The country benefits from a shared history and an overall safe environment, making it welcoming to tourists.

Mauritius is a tropical island located in the Indian Ocean, and has been called "The Pearl of Africa". Located roughly 4000 miles from India's east coast, Mauritian summers are hot with temperatures averaging around 84 degrees Fahrenheit. The best time to visit this vacation destination is during their dry months - May through November. December through April can be humid; most rainfall occurs between January and March because it rains less often but more heavily when it does rain.

Namibia: One of the Safest Places to Visit in Africa

Namibia Etosha National Park

Namibia is a country of vast deserts, and one of the safest places to visit in Africa. It's popular for epic road trips, stargazing, wild safaris and adrenaline experiences from sky diving to quad biking around the adventure capital Swakopmund. The crime rate is low throughout Namibia, and few tourists experience any issues which makes it ideal for those seeking safe places to travel in Africa.

Namibia has been home to many ancient civilizations that have left behind important historical sites like Etosha National Park with its rhino population or Twyfelfontein - an archaeological site where you can see rock paintings dating back 8,000 years.

Tourists in Namibia can enjoy a peaceful, safe environment. The country is free of conflict and has been politically stable for many years now.

Namibia's year-round weather means you can visit anytime; however, for the best Namibian outdoor experiences in Etosha National Park and beyond, make your way to this southern African country during their dry season from July through October.

A Safe Haven in the Indian Ocean

The Seychelles has always been considered a very safe destination for travelers and one of the safest countries in Africa. There is little crime experienced by travelers, especially away from the main islands. Be wary of riptides when swimming in the sea. Visitors should also be mindful that there are no deadly animals on land or in water, so it's an idyllic retreat to escape from worries about safety and enjoy nature at its best with pristine beaches, great snorkeling opportunities (watch out for those pesky jellyfish), diving sites galore and more!

Seychelles may be seen as a paradise, but it is also one of the safest destinations in all of Africa. With its beautiful white sandy beaches and amazing tropical climate year round, who would want to find any trouble? The Seychellois government has worked hard on being safe for tourists by creating an environment that discourages crime while still keeping prices low so that everyone can enjoy their stay here. It's not uncommon for visitors from around the world to travel thousands miles just because they are assured peace at night when touring this magnificent archipelago!

When to visit Seychelles: If you want a tropical getaway, some of the best times for visiting are April-May and October-November. These months outside of rainy seasons offer great underwater visibility too!

Ethiopia is the Safest Place to Visit in Africa

Ethiopia has earned its reputation for being one of the safest places to visit in Africa. Serious crime is rare and petty crime rates are low, especially outside the capital Addis Ababa. The country was associated with famine for years but now it has established much better levels of food security (though it still remains one of the least developed countries in the world). Since becoming a tourist destination again, travel agencies have been promoting Ethiopia as a "must-see" on any African safari holiday. With its rich culture and diverse landscape, this country offers something for everyone who visits.

Ethiopia is a safe destination for travelers looking to experience the culture and explore new places. Ethiopia has an excellent infrastructure in place, making it easy to travel around this beautiful country! The tourism industry there continues to grow each year which makes traveling easier than ever before with some of their most popular sites being; Lalibela's rock-hewn churches that were built between 1137 A.D.-1270 AD by King Gebre Meskel I, as well as Aksum - where ruins from over 2200 years ago are found!

Ethiopia is one of the best countries for exploring different cultures and traditions due its rich history combined with modern conveniences like good transportation networks within cities

The best time for a visit to Ethiopia is during the winter months of October through April. However, travelers are advised that rain may hit from May until September and still not impact travel plans too much.

Safest Places to Visit in Africa

Morocco is one of the safest countries in North Africa. Few tourists fall victim to serious crime, and it has been unaffected by turmoil seen in other countries such as Tunisia or Egypt. The country's stable political system has led to a steady tourism industry that benefits from its diverse landscape. It also features beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean coastline, which are popular with surfers and sunbathers alike. However, travelers should be aware of petty crime such as pick-pocketing and scams - vigilance is required!

Morocco is a beautiful country with an ocean on one side and the Sahara Desert, which covers most of the other sides. It’s safe to say that this combination leads to plenty of leisure time for Moroccans as well as visitors alike!

The heat in Morocco can be unbearable, but there are two times of the year that offer some relief from it: April/May and September/October.

Safest Places to Visit in Africa

Lesotho is a small, mountainous country within South Africa. It is land-locked and has borders on three sides with the Republic of South Africa. Travelers who visit Lesotho usually spend most of their time in towns and villages where crime rates are low. This makes it one of the safest destinations for travelers in Africa looking for safe places to travel to. While there are some risks involved when traveling through this area, they can be minimized by being aware of them beforehand so that you know what precautions need to be taken while visiting Lesotho. These include making sure your passport is up-to-date and valid; staying away from crowds or areas with lots of people bunched up as petty crime in these areas can happen.

Lesotho is a country in southern Africa with an interesting and relaxed pace of life. Crime rates are very low, so visitors can explore this beautiful countryside without worry. Visitors should exercise caution when exploring the cities as crime rates there may be higher for tourists traveling alone or in small groups - it's best to go out on organized tours.

Lesotho is the best destination for any adventurous spirit, especially during March/April when hiking and June to August where you can ski.

Zambia, the safest African country

Zambia Victoria Falls

Lusaka is a bustling city in Zambia's capital and the nation's largest economic hub. As with most cities, there is potential for theft in hubs such as Lusaka and Livingstone, but the vast majority of tourists are unaffected by this and Zambia is considered one of the safest places to visit in Africa. The country has been largely untouched by war or civil unrest since independence from Great Britain in 1964. Additionally, it has never experienced any major natural disasters like earthquakes or tsunamis which make it one of the best destinations on Earth for travelers who want to explore nature without worrying about their safety.

Zambia safaris are a great place for thrill seekers to explore the wild side of Africa. With an experienced guide, you can enjoy all that Zambian wildlife and scenery has to offer without worrying about safety risks or getting lost in unfamiliar territory.

There is no shortage of wildlife in Zambia. Visitors can expect to see elephants, giraffes, zebras and more! It's best to visit during the months that provide optimal conditions for viewing these animals: May through October. The Victoria Falls are a must-see attraction as well - a thundering waterfall with breathtaking views from any angle you look at it; there is something beautiful about witnessing such raw power before your eyes! To top off your experience here, try swimming or kayaking down the Zambezi River below this natural wonder.

Safest Places to Visit in Africa - Kenya

Kenya is the safari capital of Africa and an excellent destination for families, with a lower crime rate than many other countries in the region. Families can enjoy a wide variety of excursions which range from taking in some culture at National Museums to experiencing wildlife on safaris through national parks. The Kenyan coast offers more relaxing options such as snorkeling or exploring local villages. And while security has been a concern for travelers, it's not an issue with any major tourist destinations - including Nairobi where you'll find everything from museums to shopping malls and markets.

In Kenya, you'll need a guide to keep safe and sound from the wild.

Nairobi is a hub for art enthusiasts, and if you want to see some of the best in East Africa then don't forget about this bustling city. The wildlife viewing season runs from July-October with dry weather coinciding nicely with wildebeest migration arriving at Masai Mara National Reserve. Kenyan safaris are quite popular but there's still plenty more to explore in Kenya...

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