Monochrome can really bring a private safari photography event to life. Let us help with your next Photo Safari. This picture was taken in the Kruger National Park.

Monochrome is a single colour that describes photographs. A Monochrome image uses a reflection of shades and hues of the same colour. Monochrome is also referred to as having a neutral background that highlights the single colour. The advantage of switching from grey-scale to Monochrome on your camera is that the camera's LCD screen displays black-and-white. This is really an acquired taste and photographers need to practice seeing the contrasts between colour and Monochrome.

Monochromatic colour is based on a single based hue and then applying its tints, shades, and tones. Tints come from adding white and tones are achieved by adding darker colour like grey or black. This is not the strict scientific meaning and applies only to photographic workshop talk.

Photos that are only shades of grey are referred to as grey-scale or black-and-white. That said, they are also Monochrome. Monochrome photos are sometimes not grey-scale as they can have single colours like cyana, sepia or cobalt.

Light is everything

Heard of Zebra look great in most light conditions. South Africa Safari light conditons change everyday and so your guide can advise what is best to you on the day.

The light is always a factor when taking photos on a South Africa Safari. When the light is right is as important as how you take your photos. Early morning and later in the afternoon as the normally the best times for beautiful light. if there is some cloud cover it also helps with the light. In the same vein, midday photos of herds of buffalo or Zebra have been stunning. Your expert guide know photography and what the best equipment will be for the light conditions you are in.

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