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Moremi Game Reserve is the oldest and first protected reserve of the Okavango Delta. As a sign of gratitude, it was named after Botswana tribe members, Chief Moremi III and his wife. Now, it’s one of Africa's most popular destinations for travelers who want to experience the ultimate in wildlife viewing.
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Whether you're looking for an adventure or just some peace and quiet, we have something for everyone at Moremi Game Reserve. You can explore the beautiful landscapes by foot or boat; enjoy game drives with knowledgeable guides; stay in comfortable tents overlooking waterholes; relax with spa treatments at a luxury camp - there's no end to what you can do here!
Moremi Game Reserve Elephants

The Moremi Game Reserve, home to endangered species.

The Moremi Game Reserve is a small but diverse area with wildlife that will blow you away. Although the reserve began as mostly Mopane Tongue in the 1970s, it was expanded to include Royal Hunting Grounds. Let us share some facts about this unique and beautiful place! The reserve has an abundance of large mammals such as cheetahs, white rhinos, lion, wild dog and black rhinos- all endangered species! This new addition will allow for more game viewing tours and adventures so plan your next trip today before it's too late!

There is an astonishing variety of animals and plants in the Moremi game reserve that borders a large river. With over 500 bird species, 1.000 plant species, and undisturbed flora because of careful conservation efforts makes this ecosystem one of Africa's richest!

Moremi Game Reserve offers visitors a unique and all-inclusive safari experience

The Moremi region of the Okavango Delta is home to many different animals, as they collaborate in coming close to water during the drier months. Moremi cover about 40% of the Okavango Delta and is situated in the north west of the Delta.

As global climate change continues and alters natural patterns, there are fewer interior deltas that remain unaffected by seawater or oceanic influence. However, with its yearly flooding cycle combined with a lack of nearby bodies for drainage into it makes this land unique among others like it on earth!

Learn more about an authentic safari that starts in the Moremi Game Reserve

The Okavango River

One of the most important rivers in Africa is the Okavango River. It starts off as a small stream, but then it grows to become a wide river that flows through Botswana and empties into Lake Ngami. Along its journey, it provides water and a lifeline to all. This is an amazing natural wonder!

Moremi Game Reserve - A Garden of Eden

The Moremi Game Reserve is a 4500 square kilometers protected area in Botswana that protects the central and eastern areas of the Okavango Delta. It combines drier areas and waterways to create an astonishing contrast between dry land game viewing as well as birdlife around rivers or elephants splashing in lagoons. Often referred to as a ‘Garden of Eden’, this reserve offers excellent game viewing year-round and stunning landscapes from both air or ground.

Moremi Game Reserve, offering The Big Five Experience

In the heart of Botswana's Okavango Delta lies one of the world's most amazing game reserves; Moremi. This is home to Africa’s Big Five and many more incredible animals. It is also a fantastic place for people who have never been on safari before to experience it first-hand. With regular sightings of all big five species - impalas, wildebeest, buffalo, hippo, and elephants - in addition to giraffes, lechwe and other mammals plus over 485 bird species seen often, this area has become an iconic destination for wildlife enthusiasts from all around the world.

Moremi Game Reserve is a bird-lover's paradise

The Moremi Game Reserve boasts over 485 different species of birds. Whether you are a seasoned birder or not, here they come in big numbers and quickly win over your heart once you arrive. With over 485 species in an small area, the sheer number of species is wonderful. Among these is a rare little egret (to identify this one, seek its overall grey coloring with yellow beak). This majestic creature can be seen feeding on small fish by pecking at their backs until they are flipped into the air for easy catching!
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