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Safari Lodge Views are more than breathtaking. Let us help with a private photo safari. This picture was taken near a Safari Lodge in Africa

Luxury Safari Lodges Offer 5-star Treatment, Unparalleled Views

The African bushveld is home to one of the world's most incredible natural wonders. Now you can enjoy this wonder from a luxury safari lodge. These lodgings offer guests five-star treatment and unparalleled views of the incomparable sunsets over the African bushveld. With amenities like a private dinner for two under an open sky, it's easy to see why these lodgings are so popular with honeymooners and couples looking for that special getaway. Guests will also have access to onsite activities like game drives in search of lions, elephants, rhinos and more.

African Safari Lodges

With the varied landscape, there are many opportunities for game-spotting. From plains to savannah grasslands and ancient forests, Africa is home to some of the world's most incredible creatures. And while you're on safari, you'll want a place to rest your head at night that reflects this natural beauty. That's why all our lodges have been designed with stylish bedrooms and bathrooms - with private outdoor showers (as well as an en-suite!) so you can really feel like part of the wilderness.

Fine dining while on safari

Dining at a lodge is comparable to any fine restaurant in the world. Highly trained professional chefs create menus based on seasonal ingredients. Evening meals are usually served under the stars – a romantic way in which to end a day on safari. The food varies depending on what region you're visiting but typically consists of international dishes such as pastas, pizzas and salads along with some African classics like Nyama Choma (barbecued game meat). Typical appetizers include fresh fruit platters, hummus or guacamole with pita breads and there's an extensive wine list too for those who fancy something more sophisticated than beer or soda pop!

African Safari Packages - Luxury Lodges in Africa

Want to experience the real Africa? Have a look at range of safari packages available that will satisfy every traveler. Choose from luxury lodges, which offer private pools, spas and gyms as well as game drives and other activities for you to enjoy. These lodges can be found across South Africa (Kruger Park), Namibia (Etosha), Botswana, Kenya (Masai Mara), Tanzania (Serengeti), Zimbabwe and Uganda. Here are some of our top picks for where you could stay on your next African adventure!

Kruger National Park’s safari lodges offer a range of accommodation

The Kruger National Park is one of Africa's most popular destinations for those looking to experience the wild and untamed African wilderness. Whether you're after an outrageously extravagant, romantic retreat or top-class facilities for a family, there are lodges in the park that have it all. Prices vary from budget-friendly options to luxurious suites with private pools and spas. One lodge says its guests can "enjoy breathtaking views over rolling hills as well as sunsets that will take your breath away". Accommodation ranges from luxury tented camps - perfect for those seeking out adventure - to more serene treehouse suites.

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