Safari Lodge

Safari Lodge Views are more than breathtaking. Let us help with a private photo safari. This picture was taken near a Safari Lodge in Africa

When arriving at your safari lodge there is normally a very smiley and upbeat person welcoming you. They make you feel wonderful. Then there is the welcome drink and a check-in process. Have your identification handy with all reservation details at hand too.

The trip to your room can often include a small safari lodge tour and a hint of future events. be sure to always ask about the extras and all details around taking photos in your new destination. Contact Photo Safari Africa for some private photo safari recommendations.

A Safari lodge while on Safari in South Africa would make for a luxury Safari. The Lodge will have amenities that include WiFi for easy uploading of safari photo's. This will also make communicating with friends and family easy.
If you need to leave some of your equipment at the Safari Lodge during your game drive you can always communicate with the lodge about the best option.
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