Yoga Safari Tour in South Africa

Are you looking for a wellness tour?

A Yoga Safari is the perfect way to get away from it all and enjoy some time with yourself. You will be led by expert instructors who are ready to teach all levels of abilities, and you'll experience the best-kept secrets and most beautiful spots in South Africa. Food is enjoyed at restaurants that cater to healthy diets so you can enjoy every bite without feeling guilty about it. Get spiritual and physical on this wellness tour!

This Yoga Safari is fresh and with positive reviews the tour guides (Jakes and Mandy) promises that you wont regret it!

Cape Town is the Mother City

Cape Town Yoga on table Mountain

The oldest city in South Africa, and a UNESCO World Heritage site, Cape Town offers visitors a unique perspective on the fusion of European and African cultures. Recharge your body with yoga on Table Mountain or nourish your mind at Robben Island. There are countless ways to find balance during your visit to this most fabulous city.

Yoga in Africa

Yoga has become a popular form of exercise among people all over the world. It is also becoming increasingly prevalent in developing countries like South Africa. The two Yoga guides (Jakes and Mandi), are on a mission to expand yoga's reach by combining the practice with other activities that are more relevant to African culture. We spoke with them about what they're doing and their thoughts on how it's going so far.
In addition to teaching classes at an outdoor setting, Yoga In Africa now includes hikes through beautiful nature reserves and zip lining excursions where you can admire South African flora from high above the ground for some breathtaking views! This is the ultimate Yoga retreat, it combines game reserves (with game drives), daily yoga meditation, connection with nature and you could say a luxury yoga safari.

Addo Elephant National Park Elephant

A "Love Yoga Safari" presents the perfect destination for your next yoga retreat

If you’re looking to combine the natural beauty of Africa with a healthy dose of yoga, then look no further than a Love Yoga Safari. This safari combines African bush with mental and physical wellness through daily yoga classes and meditation sessions, as well as optional excursions into nature. With some serious luxury accommodation options on offer too, it's not hard to see why this is one of the top destinations for yogis around the world.

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Yoga Accommodation highlights

African Soul Surfer offers variety for everyone

South Africa beach on a Yoga Safari

Africa Soul Surfers is an oceanfront yoga retreat in a coastal village just outside of Cape Town. Many rooms come with private balconies and stunning views of the sea as well as a restaurant that overlooks the water. Guests will be able to enjoy surfing lessons from a resident surf instructor or relax on one of three sandy beaches. Early morning is the perfect time to connect with nature!

Acorn guest house offers a unique accommodation experience

The team at Acorn Guest House have been providing exceptional service to their guests for over 10 years. With an emphasis on the needs of the customer, they provide a private and friendly environment that is only found in mainstream hotels nowhere else in the area. All of their rooms offer homely comfort not found anywhere else in George or Garden Route - whether it be with your family, friends or even just yourself. What sets them apart from other accommodations is their quality time spent with you as guests; they listen to what you need and offer recommendations on how to make your stay more enjoyable. They are proud of being "George's friendliest guesthouse." This is the perfect luxury yoga experience.

Yoga Hotspots - 7 Places to practice Yoga with your instructor

Imagine yourself on a safari, getting up close and personal with nature. You're surrounded by incredible scenery, but you can't help but feel like something is missing. Why not try yoga? This new safari experience now offers yoga classes for you and your group or family that are led by experienced instructors who will guide you through the class and make sure everyone in the group has enough space to stretch out their mat. There are seven stops along side this safari where we'll do yoga together, including some of Africa's most iconic landmarks like Table Mountain which was recently named one of the new Seven Wonders of Nature!

Cape Point, where the Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean meet together on tip of Africa. Cape Point is known as one of the most stunning landmarks in all South Africa with two oceans meeting at its pointy end.

The waters of Blue Flag Buffalo Bay Beach are crystal clear and lined with long, white sands.

Knysna Head viewpoint is one of the best places to take in Knysna's spectacular natural beauty. It offers a breathtaking sight, overlooking the Indian Ocean and its beautiful turquoise-colored waters.

The iconic "Hole in the wall" on South Africa's Wild Coast

Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve is one of the most beautiful and well-maintained reserves in all Africa. The scenery here will have you feeling as if you’ve been transported to a different world, with lush greenery everywhere your gaze falls on.

South Africa Yoga safari

Drakensberg, the highest range of mountains in Southern Africa. The Champagne Valley is located in this area and surrounded by these ragged peaks.

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